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OKIDA Elektronik has adopted the principle of bringing the quality and technology to the highest level by keeping the customer satisfaction and product quality on the forefront.

Our quality product understanding is realized by starting the design process and applying error-free, controllable, practical and most efficient processes in the production process.

Our company has ISO9001 Quality Management System, is one of our basic principles to provide continuous development with risk based thinking and process approach.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

At OKIDA Elektronik, the R & D and production areas are EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area) areas in compliance with IEC 61340-5-1 ESD Standard.

In our R & D and production areas, there are conductive floor underneath coated with copper strips. Conductive table covers and ESD-compatible chairs are used on work tables. ESD shoes are used by all the personnel passing through the electronic materials, ESD bracelets wired on the hand assembly lines are used.

Thanks to the machines and conveyor structure in our SMT production line, electronic circuits are manufactured as untouched and by using ESD magazines.

In our TH production lines, string and wave soldering processes are carried out with conveyor passes. Transition of the electronic circuits between production lines takes place with ESD separator carriers and specially designed electrostatic powder painted transport vehicles.

Control & Tests

Our controls and tests are carried out in detail in all processes, starting from the input quality control process to the delivery of the products

All raw materials are controlled by sampling method in accordance with input quality control criteria. All of our production processes are controlled to be audited within themselves. Our soldering controls are 100% done in AOI (Automated Optical Inspection). All our products are 100% tested electrically and functionally in production. Tests are made to meet product requirements by being supported by test systems specially designed for PLC controlled product which contact the measuring points with test pins.

In addition, our ready-to-ship ready-made products are sampled according to AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) level prior to shipment and are subject to a separate output quality control considering customer requirements.

Environment (RoHS ve REACH)

As Okida Elektronik we strive to produce our products and products that respect the environment and nature.

The raw materials we use in our products are supplied according to the RoHS and REACH requirements. Lead-free solder alloys are used in our production and products conforming to European norms are produced.

Our products are designed to consume the lowest power consumption according to energy consumption, European norms and ‘eco design’ directive.

Life Tests

In order to measure and test the strength level of the components we purchase and the products we manufacture, we apply life tests to our critical components and products, especially considering the maximum operating temperatures.


All of the products that Okida Elektronik manufactures are subjected to EMC (Electro Magnetic) tests which are critical in its own R & D laboratory and provide strong engineer support to its customers.

Our models are produced and presented to European market with the certificates received from KEMA KEUR ENEC.

Okida Elektronik has ISO9001, KEMA KEUR ENEC, UL certificates.